Website Planning - Digital Marketing Course

The course will Start in January 2016!

Starting from January, 2016

100 – 120 hrs equivalent to 4 months

Course Brief

Every business needs a website. We teach you how to optimize the process to get the best possible result.

Course Info

Have you ever tried to setup your own website? From buying a domain name to actually making your website market ready can be a steep learning curve with most of us loosing the way and actually never getting there. Here in this course we guide you how to create your own website effectively and quickly. The Do’s and Don’t of website creation and hosting. For the inquisitive we would be covering the basics of technologies and a bit of programming.

If you want to learn even more, we can have specialized sessions for special topics.

Practical session will be provided where we go through all the steps of website creation and deployment.

Modules included in the course:

  • Domain Names
  • Introduction to the cloud
  • CMS and Open Source Technology
  • Open Source E-Commerce Platforms
  • Static websites (including Responsiveness and Twitter Bootstrap)
  • Dynamic Websites using WordPress
  • Introduction to WordPress plugins
  • Setting up your own E-commerce store
  • Making your first sale!
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